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Atlas VPN Vs NordVPN 2023: Updated VPN Comparison - Our Findings!

If you're looking for a VPN service that is reliable, fast, and with a no-logs policy, there are many options to choose from. But which one is best for you? Read on to find out.


One of the most popular ways to bypass geo-restrictions is to use a VPN. While there are many different options out there, one of the best providers is NordVPN. Although it doesn't offer some of the features of Atlas VPN, it's a lot faster, has more servers, and comes with more security features. It's also available in more countries and regions than Atlas VPN.

NordVPN is based in Panama, which is not part of the five eyes alliance. However, it still has the benefit of an extremely large server fleet and is able to protect against trackers and dangerous files.

Both providers have easy-to-use apps. The apps are compatible with most of the popular operating systems, but there are some limitations. For example, the free plan doesn't offer the same level of security on mobile devices as the premium version.

While the service is a bit more expensive than the free plan, the premium version offers better speeds. Its streaming-optimized servers, which include Onion over VPN, ensure maximum performance.

There are three plans to choose from, all of which come with a money-back guarantee. You can also pay with credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or PayPal. If you're unsure of which plan is right for you, you can always try out the free version.

One of the most unique security features of NordVPN is Meshnet, which allows you to securely connect up to 60 devices. This is important when using a VPN on a mobile device.

Another feature to consider is SmartDNS. This feature can be used on non-VPN devices to bypass geo-restrictions.

Both providers have hundreds of servers in over 59 different countries and regions. Choosing between them will depend on the location you want to access.

Wider app selection

It's no secret that there are plenty of options to choose from in the VPN arena, but which one is the right choice for you? While each provider has their own strengths and weaknesses, both boast easy to use mobile apps. The two providers will likely continue to evolve as they grow to meet customer needs. Aside from mobile apps, users also have the option of logging onto their service through a range of different desktop and laptop interfaces.

Among the best rated VPNs on the market, Nord and Atlas have a slew of features that may be of interest to you. For example, both are quite adept at streaming live TV. However, while the former's app offerings are pretty decent, they aren't quite as extensive. Meanwhile, the latter offers the coveted split tunneling feature on Android, which is a big win for users who want to stick to one device.

In addition to the usual suspects, Atlas VPN also offers a wide array of specialty servers. These include the aforementioned split tunneling feature, but they are limited to only the Android platform. As a matter of fact, the app is not available for Linux. On the plus side, the company does provide a free three-day trial for new users. Additionally, the company offers an email based customer support as well as a live chat feature. Compared to other entrants into the VPN game, the company's commitment to customer service is a real plus.

As mentioned earlier, the best suited for the job is probably the aforementioned Nord VPN, which not only boasts an impressive server fleet, but also offers a range of additional features, including the likes of Onion over VPN. Moreover, the company's website is a breeze to navigate and is filled with useful information on its various products and services.

No-logs policy

Atlas VPN is a relatively new VPN service that was launched in October of 2019. It was acquired by Nord Security in October of 2021. In addition to unblocking popular streaming services, this VPN also offers robust online security.

The Atlas VPN app is easy to use. It offers a variety of features including a kill switch, a data breach monitor, and a system-wide kill switch. There is a SafeBrowse feature that can help you prevent ads from appearing.

Atlas VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it has a variety of customer service options. For example, you can use email or live chat. You can also choose to buy a premium account, which costs more than the free version. To pay for the Premium plan, you can use PayPal or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Unlike other VPN services, Atlas VPN doesn't keep any logs. Rather, the company encrypts files with 256-bit encryption ciphers. Despite this, it may collect device identifiers for purposes of improving its services.

In addition, Atlas VPN has an ad-free, user-friendly app. It's compatible with many devices, and it has a mobile-exclusive feature called SafeBrowse. But it doesn't offer Meshnet or RAM-only servers.

Compared to NordVPN, Atlas VPN is not as fast. However, if you are looking for a VPN to stream videos on Netflix, this service has plenty of servers.

Although it's not as feature-packed as NordVPN, it does offer a smart DNS feature, which helps users bypass geo-restrictions on streaming sites. Additionally, the Android app has a kill switch.

Another benefit of this VPN is its privacy policy. In fact, it has been audited by three independent organizations. This means that the policy is strict.


If you're looking for a VPN that's a bit more powerful than MultiHop+, you might consider Atlas VPN. Although it doesn't offer specialized servers, it has a good number of locations on three continents.

The service is easy to use and offers some decent features. Its premium version is more robust with faster speeds and more secure encryption.

It also has some extras, like an app that lets you block malicious websites from loading. On top of that, the service offers a kill switch and a tracker blocker. But, it lacks some key features.

For starters, the service offers three free servers, including one in the US, one in the Netherlands, and one in Singapore. That's not a lot, especially for a paid service.

In addition to the usual VPN security features, the app also offers a tracker blocker that blocks tracking by third parties. This means that you can watch streaming sites without letting anyone know where you're located.

It's also worth noting that the company's app has a good selection of FAQs. It's also got a data breach monitor that lets you see the last time someone connected to your VPN.

While the features are impressive, the service itself isn't terribly intuitive. You can't connect to the nearest server automatically. And while the free version comes with 10GB of data per month, you won't get much for your money.

Nevertheless, the service is a good option for users on a budget. With that said, you'll want to be careful. The company does keep some personally identifiable information. Depending on the country you're in, it might be worth it to invest in the more expensive, more feature-rich Premium version.

Kill switch

If you're looking for a VPN that provides a kill switch, you'll want to look into either Atlas VPN or NordVPN. Both of these companies have apps that are easy to use and provide a reliable kill switch.

Both of these services offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The Atlas VPN app is free to download and includes features like SafeBrowse, Data Breach Monitor, and more. In addition, you can get a referral bonus of up to 7 days of premium usage.

Although it's not as fast as NordVPN, it does offer more specialty servers. For example, it uses RAM-only servers, which make it more difficult for malicious actors to access your information.

It also supports a wide variety of payment methods, including PayPal and credit card. Users can also opt for a prepaid card or a digital currency through CoinPayments.

As for security, both companies have 256-bit encryption to protect your information. They both also offer an advanced kill switch to ensure data protection. However, it's worth noting that the advanced kill switch can interfere with other network applications.

You can find out more about the apps and services of both companies by contacting customer service. Atlas VPN's support team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can contact them via email or by calling.

The desktop apps are simple to use and are available in two versions. One of them is optimized for macOS and the other for Windows. Each version of the app has a simple interface that allows users to select a country to access.

The NordVPN Android app offers a variety of features, such as split tunneling, obfuscated servers, and dark web monitoring. In addition, it offers a Smart DNS feature that helps you bypass geo-restrictions.

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