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Better Call Saul Season 6 Part 2 Recap

There are a few things you should know before you watch the next episode of Call Saul. First, you need to know what happened in the last episode. Second, you should also know the characters. Finally, you should know about the series finale.

Episode 2 recap

If you have been following the latest episode of Better Call Saul, you may have been wondering what happened in the episode. This recap will give you a summary of what you need to know before watching the final episode.

Better Call Saul season 6 has been an impressive series on television. It has featured heart-racing suspense, unhinged gangsters, and clever character development. And though it hasn't topped Breaking Bad, it has been an entertaining watch. With the show's final episode slated to air on March 28, the time has come to see the best of the rest.

"Carrot and Stick" is the name of the latest episode of Better Call Saul, and it aptly encapsulates the show's latest chapter. In it, Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) make progress on Howard Hamlin's nefarious plan. They also confront some unpleasant reunions.

For example, Jimmy and Kim meet with their former clients Betsy and Craig Kellerman. They are working to bring down Howard's reputation. While they get off on the right foot, they discover that there is no legal team that will take their side.

But the most interesting storyline comes from Nacho Salamanca. He has been spying on Jimmy for a while, and it appears that he has been working to eliminate him. When Mike (Aaron Paul) and his men raid Nacho's house, he offers a wad of cash to his girlfriends, but their offers don't stack up.

The show's second episode is one of the best examples of the series' dedication to subtle character development. Although the episode doesn't offer many big reveal or twists, it's still an exciting ride. Compared to the season's previous chapters, this one is relatively short, but it's well-written and engaging.

Another impressive feat is the inclusion of the show's patented Breaking Bad montages. Unlike the season's previous entries, this episode doesn't squander the chance to include the aforementioned gold toilet. Instead, it opts for a few other notable moments.

Finally, the show has managed to include a number of gimmicks, like the Statue of Liberty inflatable or the duct-taped-mimic.


The characters of Better Call Saul aren't all likable. They operate in the grey area between good and evil. While some of them are central to the show, others are not as important. In the case of Kim Wexler, for example, it's more about her personality than her character.

Kim is the love interest of Jimmy McGill. She is also the partner of Jimmy's law firm. Having a relationship with Jimmy isn't a guarantee that she will go out and break the law. However, she's willing to bend the rules to make sure that the people she cares about get what they need.

Jimmy is a lawyer who is trying to turn a new leaf. He is determined to do things the right way and wants to help people. But he is also involved with a drug cartel. This isn't the best situation for Kim. Her partner's actions will put her at risk.

Better Call Saul has a great cast. Some of the biggest characters are Saul, Jimmy, and Kim. These characters aren't all likeable, but they're all interesting.

Another character who's been a mainstay in Breaking Bad is Hector. Before he was confined to a wheelchair, Hector was the boss of the Mexican Cartel. Although his motor functions have been lost, Hector is a formidable character and a key obstacle for Walt and Jesse.

Another interesting character is Lalo Salamanca. His family is part of a powerful criminal organization. Unlike his relatives, Lalo is a relatively cool-headed member of the family.

Other major characters in Better Call Saul include Betsy and Craig Kettleman, who run a shady tax preparation business. Initially, Betsy and Craig were victims of Jimmy's embezzlement case. However, they are later released from prison.

There are also some interesting drug characters in Better Call Saul. One is Nacho Varga. He's an intriguing character who is both a dangerous drug dealer and a complicated man.

It's unclear how much of Jimmy Odenkirk's character will be included in Better Call Saul season 6. However, it is likely that the series will feature other Breaking Bad alumni.


AMC released a new trailer for Better Call Saul season 6 part 2. The trailer is a short one, highlighting some of the locations and features in the show. It includes some black and white shots of Jimmy and Kim's apartment, Gustavo Fring's office, Los Pollos Hermanos, and Saul's apartment.

The teaser is quite short, but does contain one interesting fact. Saul Goodman's office has an original Constitution in it.

In the Breaking Bad world, this would be considered an "eyeball-popping" feat. Apparently, it is impossible to capture the entirety of the office in a single camera shot. Still, there are some interesting nooks and crannies to be found.

Likewise, the aforementioned Better Call Saul trailer features some of the cryptic black and white footage seen in other episodes. As a result, we can expect the show to have an epic ending.

Besides highlighting the main storyline of Jimmy McGill's transformation into the legendary attorney Saul Goodman, the trailer also ties in with the upcoming show's "Role Model" series. This aforementioned teaser narrated by Giancarlo Esposito is the first of two trailers to be released for the show.

The other one is the Stranger Things trailer. While the trailer doesn't actually tell us anything about the upcoming series, the trailer does display the most memorable moments of the show. Among other things, it shows a number of ominous incidents.

The trailer also contains the first glimpse of a recurring character, Gus Fring. He has been portrayed in both the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series. However, there is no word on whether or not he will be a regular in the new series.

Finally, the most exciting moment in the Better Call Saul trailer is the return of the infamous Lalo Salamanca. Earlier in the season, Gustavo Fring got a gut feeling that Salamanca was alive. Although, it is unknown if the actor playing Salamanca is the same as in the Breaking Bad series.

While the Breaking Bad season 7 teaser does feature some impressive locales, the Better Call Saul season 6 trailer stands out as the more interesting and better-designed piece of television.

Series finale

Better Call Saul, the series that ran for six seasons, has come to an end. The show aired on AMC and Netflix. It was a popular show and a rival to Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul's season finale was called "Saul Gone". This episode revisited the time period of Breaking Bad. There are three flashbacks that look at the roads not travelled.

Saul, whose true identity is unknown, was a corrupt lawyer. He sabotaged his brother Chuck McGill's career. Eventually, he ended up in purgatory. As a result, he was forced to do Walter White's bidding.

Meanwhile, Kim is in a legal aid firm in Florida. She has become quite amorous after her and Jimmy fled from a mark. Now that they are out of a job, she wants to work as a public defender. But, she faces the possibility of prosecution.

After the Better Call Saul season finale, viewers may wonder what would have happened if Wexler and McGill had worked together. If a dream team had been formed, the outcome might have been different. Regardless, the ending was a defining moment for the show.

Better Call Saul's season closing statement was a strong one. It tied up all the loose ends and provided some answers to fan questions. Fans might also wonder what would have happened if the show had gone back in time and had the Wexler/McGill duo in charge.

Better Call Saul aired for six seasons and finished with a strong statement. The show's end was a bittersweet one. While the character of Jimmy/Gene has been often a bit unpredictable, it may have been his quality that defined him. In addition, the show focused on Gene and his journey, which was a big part of the show.

The ending of Better Call Saul has answered many fans' questions and left them with a sense of sadness. In addition, the show closed with an unforgettable goodbye. Hopefully, there will be a sequel. However, for now, fans can move on to new shows. Until then, thank you for enjoying Better Call Saul. You will be missed.

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