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Bitdefender VPN Vs CyberGhost VPN 2023: Updated VPN Comparison - Our Findings!

When you are looking to find the best VPN for your laptop, there are many options. Some of them include CyberGhost, VPN Unlimited, Bitdefender VPN, and TorGuard. All of these have a few different qualities to them, and you will want to look at these factors carefully before making your decision.


If you're searching for a VPN to protect your online privacy, then you have two options: Bitdefender VPN or NordVPN. These services have a lot in common, but there are some differences.

NordVPN is a great option for those looking for a secure, fast connection. The company has over a hundred locations, including popular cities in North America, Europe, and South America. And, it also has a kill switch, which will automatically shut off your internet connection if you're connected to a rogue WiFi network.

Bitdefender VPN is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's designed to offer a fast connection and easy access to account management and settings. The mobile apps are particularly pleasant to use.

Bitdefender uses AES-256 encryption, which is often used by banks and military personnel. In addition, it supports split tunneling, which allows you to omit certain websites or applications from your VPN connection.

As for features, Bitdefender offers an ad blocker and a tracker module, along with automatic connection options. It has a kill switch and a host of other security measures, such as a DNS leak protection. However, its FAQ page is surprisingly bare.

On the other hand, CyberGhost is faster and offers unlimited server switching. You can even pay with Bitcoin, Tether, or Google Pay.

Bitdefender's apps on Android and iOS are similar to their counterparts on Windows and Mac. Though they have fewer features, they are designed to offer users a better user experience.


If you want to stream content from popular apps like Netflix, you might be wondering which VPN is better, Bitdefender or Surfshark. Both VPNs provide a great level of privacy and security. However, the two products have a number of differences.

The Bitdefender VPN has servers in 27 countries, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. It offers the fastest VPN speeds and can be installed on up to 10 devices.

Another important feature of the Bitdefender VPN is a kill switch. This will disconnect your internet connection if the VPN cannot maintain a secure connection. In addition, it comes with a zero-log policy. You can customize the kill switch to respond to specific URLs, applications, or websites.

While the free version of the Bitdefender VPN allows 200 MB of data per day, the Premium VPN includes unlimited data. The Premium VPN also supports torrenting, and you can choose to use split tunneling.

The apps for both Bitdefender and Surfshark are easy to use and powerful. They also include advanced features, such as parental controls and automatic connect. These tools make it easier to use the VPN to bypass censorship or protect P2P file sharing.

Bitdefender has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The Android app has some unique features, such as a built-in kill switch and the ability to disable traffic on local networks.

The macOS app is similar to the one for Windows. There are some snags, though. For example, you can't set up split tunneling.

Catapult Hydra

Compared to other VPN solutions, Bitdefender is a powerhouse when it comes to encryption. This VPN is backed by an infrastructure that includes more than 4,000 servers spread out across 49 countries. It also boasts a number of other security features such as split tunneling and a kill switch. However, there are some cons to consider before jumping into a subscription.

First, there's the fact that Bitdefender doesn't support routers and streaming devices. In addition, it doesn't offer Smart DNS. The company's infrastructure might be the biggest in the industry, but it doesn't come close to CyberGhost.

Then there are the features that the competition offers. For instance, Hotspot Shield offers a proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol. Unlike OpenVPN, it's optimized to deliver speedy VPN service while obfuscating the traffic from your ISP. Moreover, it provides a good selection of server locations and speeds.

Finally, Bitdefender's best-in-class infrastructure consists of a kill switch and a number of other security features. On the other hand, CyberGhost imposes no data caps and offers unlimited server switching.

Although Bitdefender VPN is not without its limitations, it is still a strong contender. Using its special Catapult Hydra protocol and its 256-bit AES encryption, it can help you achieve the best possible privacy on the Internet. Plus, it's a good way to get around geographical restrictions on websites like Netflix and Hulu.

But the real question is, which one is the right choice for you?

AES-256 encryption

If you are looking for an internet security package that offers reliable privacy protection and fast speeds, consider Bitdefender VPN. The service has a simple design that makes it easy to use.

Bitdefender is available as a standalone product or as a part of the company's Premium Security plan. It has over 4,000 servers in over 53 locations, including popular locations in Europe and North America. A free version is also offered.

Bitdefender VPN encrypts data with AES-256 encryption. The service aims to prevent unauthorized access by employing a kill switch and split tunneling. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. However, they do not have private payment methods, such as PayPal. You can use a bank transfer to make the purchase.

Bitdefender uses a proprietary protocol called Catapult Hydra. This is a high-performance protocol that combines perfect forward secrecy with TLS 1.2 handshakes. But it is less clear than some mainstream protocols.

While it fares better in the US, it is not the fastest VPN available. In our speed test, the Bitdefender VPN averaged 77Mbps. That's about 74% slower than our baseline.

While the Bitdefender VPN app offers a kill switch and split tunneling, it does not have a lot of features. There is no support for gaming consoles and streaming devices, and it lacks popular web browser extensions.

As you might expect, Bitdefender has a pretty limited logging policy. For example, it does not allow users to set their own IP addresses, nor does it let users change their logging level. Additionally, it does not have an advanced settings menu or a smart DNS feature.

Kill switch

The Bitdefender vs CyberGhost VPN comparison is an apples to oranges scenario. While both services boast impressive technical feats, there are a few points of contention that prevent the two from claiming the prize for being the best. For starters, Bitdefender has the audacious ability to actually work on your smartphone, whereas CyberGhost's Windows app doesn't even allow you to log on via your tablet. And while the company's mobile application is a notch above its desktop cousin, it's still a far cry from the experience you'll get on a modern desktop.

Among its more notable shortcomings is its lack of support for devices like Xbox and PlayStation. It's also worth noting that while the company's app does feature a search engine, it's missing a slew of other nifty things, such as a comprehensive list of available servers. On the plus side, the company does offer dedicated applications for various platforms, such as Android and iOS. This is not only a boon for users who are on the go, but it also gives the company a leg up on competitors who can't or won't take the time to customize their apps. As a result, the user experience is more enjoyable than it would be at the hands of an app's uninformed user.

The most interesting feature is the company's proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol, which boasts an impressive 256 bit AES encryption, a fair amount of speed, and an impressive array of servers in 25 countries and four Asian locales.

Operating systems supported

For the average VPN user, it can be difficult to choose which product to go with. One of the many factors to consider is whether the VPN is compatible with your operating system and hardware. If you have multiple devices and multiple operating systems, you may want to go with a specialized service. You might also want to try a free trial to get a feel for the service before making a final decision.

Bitdefender is an excellent choice for both Windows and Linux users. While the company offers a dedicated app for each platform, they don't provide support for gaming consoles and streaming devices. There are no data caps and no sign-in requirements. Moreover, the company's customer support is top notch. They offer online support guides, email support and live chat. The latter is especially handy if you have questions on how to connect your device to their network or use the application.

Although Bitdefender doesn't stand out from the crowd with regard to its overall capabilities, it has a few nifty features that will keep your digital privacy intact. The company's ad blocker is built into the product, but you can easily uninstall it if you so choose. Similarly, you can set your phone or tablet to disconnect from the same Wi-Fi network. Lastly, the company boasts of a robust kill switch. However, this is a feature that must be activated on your own.

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