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Choosing the Best SSL VPN Client

Choosing the best SSL VPN client is one of the most important things that you should do when you are planning to use VPN for your business. There are so many different options out there, and picking the right one for you and your company can make a world of difference. Getting a good VPN client is the first step, but the next is to learn more about the options out there.

Sophos SSL VPN Client

Sophos SSL VPN Client is a popular choice for setting up VPN connections to Sophos Firewall OS. It establishes a highly encrypted tunnel. Authentication is done by using push technology. For this to work, you must be able to access the local subnet and have permission to access the subnet. If you are unable to do so, you may receive a warning in your browser's task bar.

A number of features are available in the Sophos SSL VPN Client. These include the ability to save credentials, use different ports for different connections, and set encryption strength. The SSL VPN client uses an external IP address of the Sophos Firewall OS. This IP address must be in a private address range.


Cisco IOS SSL VPN client provides secure remote access to corporate resources. It uses SSL to connect to HTML based intranet content and e-mail. In addition, it supports clientless access to applications and network file shares. It also offers enterprise authentication integration. The Cisco IOS SSL VPN client is a stand-alone executable that works with most desktop and laptop browsers.

Cisco IOS SSL VPN clients are not supported on mobile device operating systems. However, the company has offered a free 2-user trial license for all supported platforms. There are many benefits to using Cisco IOS SSL VPN. You can manage multiple policies, enable SSL VPN clientless access, and configure a limited number of features.

When using the Cisco IOS SSL VPN client, you can create URL lists to redirect users to appropriate web sites. You can also configure software install bundles and a port forwarding list.


The F5 BIG-IP APM best VPN client is a platform which enables secure remote access to corporate applications and networks. It can be used for on-premises, cloud, and mobile access. This application is designed to help you protect against data loss and malware, while reducing friction and keeping your users productive.

Big-IP APM combines identity federation, a single management interface, and policy-based access decisions to streamline the access control process. By converging multiple access types, the solution delivers flexible, high-performance cloud and on-premises performance.

BIG-IP APM integrates with leading MDM and IAM solutions to augment their functionality. For instance, it can be integrated with PingFederate to create an SSO solution. Moreover, the product supports adaptive identity federation.

BIG-IP VPN Access is a scalable solution that can be configured to support 200,000 simultaneous connections. In addition, it can be integrated with a variety of other access technologies, including Citrix and Microsoft.

Barracuda SSL VPN

Barracuda SSL VPN is a fast and easy-to-use security solution for remote users. It enables secure access to internal enterprise network resources without requiring additional client software on the remote end.

With a simple web browser, a remote user can access corporate resources from anywhere on the Internet. The user enters a password, authentication code, or hardware token. Authentication is performed via a RADIUS server. Users can choose between LDAP, Active Directory, or third-party authentication methods. A report is generated to monitor the use of the resource. This report includes details on failed logons, file usage, and more.

When choosing a remote access solution, organizations must balance the needs of their users with available IT resources. In addition, the solution must be easy to set up and maintain.

Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)

The Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) SSL VPN client provides secure, private, and encrypted access to corporate resources. It's simple to deploy and use, and it can be integrated with a range of endpoint security solutions. As a result, you can customize your experience and meet your security needs.

PCS enables secure access to client/server applications, web and mobile services, and enterprise-grade networks. You can deploy PCS as a virtual or hardware appliance. In addition, it has a suite of licensing options.

In an era where breaches are a fact of life, service providers and enterprises need to ensure that their networks remain operational. This requires secure access to both cloud-hosted and on-premises resources. A good SSL VPN can help you keep your business operating at full speed.

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