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Coming to America 2 on Netflix

If you are looking to watch Coming to America 2 on Netflix, then you need to be careful as there are some things you should know about it before you begin. Arsenio Hall brings back the original cast, including Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem Joffer. This sequel centers on the fate of the Zamunda throne.

Eddie Murphy reprises his iconic role as prince Akeem Joffer

In the sequel to the 1988 comedy "Coming to America", Eddie Murphy returns as the prince Akeem Joffer of the fictional African nation of Zamunda. He is in search of his long lost son, who is living in New York.

The film features a cast of newcomers to the series as well as some returning favorites. James Earl Jones, Louie Anderson, Arsenio Hall, and Shari Headley all reprise their roles from the original.

In this version, Murphy's character becomes king of Zamunda. But he must learn to rule his kingdom with old laws and rules.

When Akeem returns to his native land to reclaim his title as king, he encounters familiar faces from the first film. He finds that Americans can be judgmental. And that he is living in a country that is not as free as he thinks.

Meanwhile, a would-be robber (Samuel L. Jackson) is also in the mix. It seems as though Akeem is getting tired of his life as a royal.

Other returning characters include Cleo McDowell (John Amos), Reem (Tracy Morgan), Mortimer Duke (Colin Jost), and General Izzi (Wesley Snipes). There's also a cameo from the star of the original film, James Earl Jones, who reprises his role as King Jaffe Joffer.

Also starring are KiKi Layne, Rotimi, Teyana Taylor, and Wesley Snipes. The movie is directed by Craig Brewer, who previously worked with Murphy on the 1988 hit "Trading Places".

Amazon Studios acquired worldwide rights to "Coming 2 America" from Paramount Pictures. It will be released in December 2020. On March 5, 2021, Amazon Prime Video will launch. With the release of the movie, the Kingdom of Zamunda is celebrating.

Despite Eddie Murphy's original plans for the sequel, he has since changed his mind. Now he hopes that his fans will make it through the film.

The sequel is set three decades after the original. It also has several new actors and actresses in the cast. Among them are Bella Murphy, the daughter of Murphy and his wife, who plays Akeem's daughter. She also has a role in the fight scenes.

Arsenio Hall brings back characters from the original

Arsenio Hall is back in a sequel to the 1988 comedy "Coming to America." He returns to the director's chair and he brings back most of the cast of the original. As well, there are several new faces to watch.

The first Coming to America was a cult hit. It was a film that paired Eddie Murphy and Michael J. Hall, and the chemistry between them was hilarious. They worked together on the popular TV show, The Arsenio Hall Show.

In the sequel, a newly-crowned king is sent to the United States to find his long-lost son. Akeem's best friend, Semmi, is brought along. But he's not the only one looking for a new haircut. And he wants to get rid of his royal rat tail.

There are a number of memorable moments in the original movie, and the Coming to America sequel is no exception. However, the film is not perfect. While there are plenty of slapstick moments, there are also a few retcon scenes.

One of the first things Hall and Murphy did when they were filming the movie was to playfully taunt each other on the Atlanta set. During a scene where the pair were in the hot tub, Hall had to shoot the scene before Murphy did.

When it came to the sequel, Arsenio said he was "nervous" about returning to the role of Semmi. For this part, he was able to put on prosthetics to make it look like multiple characters. This required about six hours of makeup and painful contact lenses.

Arsenio also reprised his role as Reverend Brown. That was a fun, memorable character in the original.

The movie also featured James Earl Jones, Louie Anderson, John Amos, and Tracy Morgan. The cast is now reunited for the sequel, which will be available on Amazon Prime on March 5.

Despite its many similarities to the original film, "Coming 2 America" isn't a direct sequel. Instead, it revisits many of the same characters.

The movie is rated PG-13 for crude content, language, and some sexual themes.

Plot of the sequel centers on the fate of the Zamunda throne

Coming to America 2 is a sequel to the 1988 classic movie. It reunites several of the characters from the original film. The plot centers on the fate of the Zamunda throne.

Zamunda is a fictional African nation. Akeem is the prince of Zamunda. His wife is Lisa McDowell, and they have three daughters. One daughter, Meeka, is heir to the throne. Akeem fears that he will not have a male heir, which will put his kingdom at risk.

King Akeem sends his right hand man, Semmi, to America to find a male heir. He also invites Lavelle Junson, an aspiring prince, to Zamunda. However, Lavelle feels out of place. Eventually, he learns about his heritage and appoints him to be the royal family ambassador to the United States.

Despite its uninspired plot, "Coming to America" is full of Eddie Murphy's wry humor. It's not surprising that Murphy reprises some of his roles in the sequel.

The second film in the Zamunda series also includes an interesting new villain. General Izzi, the leader of Nexdoria, wants to take over the throne and kill Akeem. Meanwhile, a former queen, Aoleon, dies. She had a rule against women taking the throne, but it was changed after her death.

The plot of "Coming to America 2" centers on Lavelle's quest to prove himself worthy of the throne. Initially, he thinks that Akeem is exploiting him. But when he discovers that he has a son he never knew he had, he returns to Queens, New York, to retrieve him.

This is a sequel to the popular "Coming to America" film, and it has been directed by Craig Brewer. Many references to the original film are used throughout the movie, as well as a montage of clips. While the sequel is an entertaining watch, it does not bring the same buoyant spirit as the original.

Arsenio Hall, who starred as Semmi in the original, will also be returning. And while he is funny in his other roles, Hall cannot make up for his lack of charisma in the second film.

Netflix availability

Coming to America 2 is a sequel to Eddie Murphy's 1988 comedy movie, Coming to America. This sequel is based on the African prince who travels to the United States. The prince wants to meet the woman who loves him.

The film's star is Eddie Murphy, who reprises the role of Prince Akeem Joffer. Other cast members include Tracy Morgan, Shari Headley, Jermaine Fowler, and Teyana Taylor.

Netflix does not show Coming to America on their website. However, the movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the movie for free on Prime Video if you have a subscription. There is also a 30-day trial to try it out for yourself.

If you want to stream the movie, you will need to make sure you are connected to a VPN. These virtual private network services will allow you to hide your real location and allow you to view the Netflix website from anywhere. But, before you decide to use a VPN, it is important to know that you need to choose a VPN with Canadian or British servers.

There are several other streaming services that you can use to view Coming to America. Some of them include Apple TV, Google Play, and OTT platforms. All of these services have their own catalogs. Each one will have different titles. Using a VPN can help you to unblock Netflix and watch the film from anywhere.

There are many ways to stream the movie, but the best way is to use a VPN. If you choose to use a VPN, make sure you choose a service that will offer you the fast connection speed you need to watch the movie. Moreover, you should also make sure that the VPN will allow you to unblock Netflix and get access to the movies you want.

Streaming services are growing and expanding all over the world. Some of the biggest names have launched their own services. Besides Netflix, you can also find Ted Lasso, Audible, and Virgin TV Go. Most of them have many shows and movies.

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