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How to Watch Spanish Movies on Netflix

The best way to watch Spanish movies on Netflix is to download the app. It's free and has a large library of titles. You can watch Dora the Explorer, Monarca, Isabel and Narcos.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an animated television series that centers on the seven-year-old Latina girl named Dora. She loves adventure and exploring the South American jungle. As she goes on different adventures, Dora has to overcome obstacles and learn new languages.

Dora is accompanied by Boots, a five-year-old monkey who loves to play and explore. Along with her, they sing songs and solve puzzles.

Dora and Boots often speak Spanish and some English. There are several versions of the show, including the Greek version, called Dora the Little Explorer, and the French version, Dora l'exploratrice. It has also been carried on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Tele-Quebec, Univision, PBS Kids, and Amazon Prime.

The Spanish version of Dora has been broadcast on Spanish-speaking Nickelodeon and Telemundo. In April 2008, Univision began to carry the show, as well.

The show is aimed at young girls, who will enjoy the fun adventures and learning of new languages. In addition to the Spanish version of the show, there are other versions, such as the French, German, and Greek.

Dora has a special helper, a backpack that contains all the items she needs. Backpack also holds sketches that Dora can use to discover what she needs to find.

Usually, the shows involve various games and puzzles along the way. For example, the characters are asked to choose the best item from a list. Once they arrive at their destination, they can celebrate with a dance.

However, the Dora the Explorer series is not available on Netflix in your country. Fortunately, you can stream it on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and iTunes.

If you are a Dora the Explorer fan, you can still watch the episodes on Treehouse TV. But you will have to pay $5.99 a month for service.


The Netflix original series Narcos is an excellent binge watching experience. Its storyline follows the journey of Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, from his days as a black marketeer to his eventual capture by law enforcement. In addition to the storyline, the show also has its share of high octane chases.

The storyline is based on the actual life of Pablo Escobar, and in many ways the series is a fictionalized version of his journey. This includes his early days as a black marketeer in Medellin, his early foray into cocaine production and his eventual arrest.

The show features a lot of Spanish. Aside from the standard Spanish, the characters also use a local style of Spanish.

The'scary' fact is that even those with a limited grasp of Spanish could watch the series. The show is subtitled for international viewers. Those wishing to catch the show's best moments can get the subtitles from the 'Narcos' website.

One of the highlights of the series is the quality of its visuals. The quality of the graphics is very high and the color palette is particularly pleasing. Besides, the show is produced by Chris Brancato, who also brought us hit television shows such as Orange Is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Although it may be difficult to catch the latest episodes of the show, it is possible to download the series on the go via a Netflix app on your mobile phone. The content of the show is quite entertaining, and the fact that it's available in a language you're already comfortable with should make for a very satisfying binge watching experience. For those who are looking for something a little more specialized, there is a wide variety of Spanish language content available on Netflix.

Las Chicas Del Cable (Cable Girls)

If you are looking for a show that focuses on Spanish history, you might want to give Las Chicas Del Cable a try. It is a period drama set in 1920s Spain. During that time, women were struggling to gain independence.

The show follows four young women who begin working for a telephone company. Each character has her own reasons for coming to the job, but all of them are attempting to break free from their pasts.

While it is a melodrama, it does have a sociopolitical edge. This helps ground the soapier elements.

Cable Girls is a Spanish period drama that shows the struggles of women during the 1920s. Four female characters work at the National Telephone Company in Madrid, managing romance and friendship while juggling modern workplace requirements.

The show has received a lot of praise and was nominated for the Platino Awards for Best TV Series. Cable Girls has five seasons with a total of 41 episodes.

The series also won the GLAAD Media Award for its Outstanding Scripted Television Series. There are some murder plots and violent situations that keep viewers hooked. Several of the female characters find themselves in unwanted marriages and face the hardships of divorce without the consent of their husbands.

In addition to its positive messages, Las Chicas del Cable is a historical drama that offers a glimpse into the lives of women in 1920s Spain. Aside from the plot lines of deceit, the show also showcases the power of female friendship.

The dubbed version of the show is available on Netflix. However, it is best to watch it in Spanish. You can choose the language under the subtitles tab.


Monarca is a Spanish-language drama series. It was released on Netflix in September, 2019. The show stars Irene Azuela, Juan Manuel Bernal, Osvaldo Benavides, Rosa Maria Bianchi and more.

The story takes place in Mexico City. It revolves around a Mexican business empire built on tequila. In the past, the family was involved with drug cartels. But now, the corporation has turned into a successful company.

The family's tequila empire is threatened with corruption. Fausto Carranza, the president of the corporation, thinks his daughter, Ana Maria, can bring the company back.

In the meantime, the Carranzas face health problems. Meanwhile, Fausto's son, Andres, is in charge of the hotel division. He is having an affair with a male artist. Joaquin is also having issues with his job and his relationships with his kids.

When a man from outside the company attacks the hotel, the family believes it is an inside job. But when they find out who was responsible, they will have to fight for justice before it's too late.

Monarca is a great show to watch on Netflix if you're looking for a drama series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Like the other Netflix shows, it features modern themes.

You can watch the first season of Monarca on Netflix in the United States, Panama, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico. The second season of the series premiered on January 1, 2021.

Monarca is a good show to watch on Netflix if you're interested in Spanish-language content. It will allow you to learn new slang and improve your vocabulary.

As a bonus, it's a great way to get to know other cultures. There are other shows to watch on Netflix, including El Cartel de Los Sapos, which follows a narco-trafficking group in Colombia, and Money Heist, which follows a group of burglars who pull off a daring robbery.


How to watch Spanish Netflix is a question on many people's minds. The good news is you can access a huge array of quality shows and movies to entertain your family and enhance your language skills. However, there are some things to know before you sign up for a subscription.

First, you will want to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the Netflix app. This will conceal your location and make it appear you are in Spain or any other country. You will also need to install a VPN browser extension.

Once you've installed the VPN, you will need to connect to a VPN server in Spain. This is not difficult as there are thousands of VPN companies available.

Next, you will need to pick out the shows you want to watch. These days, Netflix is known for producing family-friendly films and shows. Choose one or two shows you find interesting, and then set aside time to watch them.

One of the most popular Spanish Netflix shows is La Casa de Papel. It follows the adventures of three working-class teens in Spain.

There are plenty of other Netflix series to choose from, as well. Among these are El Primero, Escobar, and Nailed It! They are not all available in the UK, but you can still stream them to your heart's content.

Finally, you may wish to check out the newest Spanish-Language sections of the Netflix website. These aren't just re-tweaked versions of the older ones, but new content. Some of the most popular Netflix shows have been translated into Spanish, and are now available on Netflix in the UK.

Whether you are a native speaker of Spanish, or are planning to spend a few months studying the language, you will definitely enjoy these new shows.

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