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How to Watch Tanzania TV in the United States

If you are a Tanzanian living in the United States and are interested in watching your country's television, you have a few options available to you. These options include eTV, DSTV, Clouds TV, Operation Tanzania, and more.

Operation Tanzania

If you live in Tanzania you may have heard of the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation (TBC). The TBC is actually a government-operated public service broadcaster. It broadcasts on four radio stations and three television channels. You can get your fill of TBC news, entertainment and music on its official website or via satellite.

A quick survey of the local media found that the TBC is not the only company in town to tout a top-tier media product. As a matter of fact, there are a few private television channels as well. In addition to its TV and radio channels, the corporation also boasts of a wildlife channel.

The TBC also has a nifty-looking website. In fact, the site's website is one of the largest in the country, with over a million visitors in a single month. One of the TBC's main objectives is to boost nation building efforts.

According to the organization, the TBC's top notch information technology and engineering department is responsible for producing more than 100 television programs every year. Meanwhile, the TBC's telecommunications infrastructure plays a big role in delivering high quality internet services to more than half of the population. The organization is in the process of implementing a national gas policy, which is meant to pave the way for increased energy and mining revenues for the country.

The KCN is the first community network to utilize TVWS in rural Tanzania. The goal of the project is to promote the bottom-up approach to connect remote communities with the Internet. Among the objectives is to demonstrate the benefits of using a hybrid of cable and satellite technologies in remote regions. Specifically, the objective is to test the feasibility of using TVWS as an alternative broadband solution for rural Tanzanians.

Clouds TV

Clouds TV in Tanzania is one of the most successful media companies in the region. Its portfolio includes three radio stations, a television channel and a digital OTT platform. The company has also been lauded as the top event marketing firm in East & Central Africa.

Its flagship brand is Clouds FM, which is not only the longest running radio station in Africa, it is also the voice of the masses. Featuring some of the most recognizable radio personalities in the country, the station has earned the respect of its peers in the broadcasting industry. In fact, the company was recently named as the second best company in Tanzania.

As for their other namesake, Clouds TV is one of the most widely viewed TV channels. Its programming is diverse, offering everything from dramas to soaps, from news to entertainment to world events. Its latest endeavor, the Clouds Media Group, is a full service media entity with a portfolio that includes an impressive list of TV and radio stations. With the advent of the internet, TV audiences have never been this engaged, and the company plans to take its brand to new heights in the coming years.

What's more, the Clouds TV OTT platform is a multimedia marvel, and it's been said that it is the largest OTT platform in East & Central Africa. While the company may not be a household name in Tanzania, its presence is felt in neighboring Kenya and Uganda, where it also operates a subsidiary. Combined with its other East & Central African sister stations, Clouds Media Group is a formidable contender in the media business.

Aside from its OTT platform, the Clouds Media Group also owns C.L.O.U.D.S. FM, one of Tanzania's first FM radio stations. Featuring a variety of music and entertainment programs in Kiswahili, the station is a solid choice for the local populace and their expat brethren.


DSTV Tanzania has many packages to choose from. However, it is important to understand that the channel list varies from region to region. The list contains entertainment channels, kids TV programs, news, sports and more. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a package that suits you and your family.

MultiChoice Tanzania has been a part of the development of the broadcasting industry in Tanzania. In fact, the company has been actively involved in a number of initiatives in partnership with various stakeholders in the public sector. For instance, they participated in workshops on copyrights and conducted film production workshops in the country. It is also known for hosting the annual Media Showcase.

DSTV has launched a number of new services. These include the HD PVR decoder and the Dual View decoder. They also launched the DStv Family package, which includes a variety of channels designed with the entire family in mind. This package is affordable and offers a variety of programmes.

DSTV offers a range of packages, from the Access package to the Premium package. Both packages provide access to more than 80 local and regional channels, as well as the top global and international channels.

Besides television, DSTV also offers multiple radio stations. DStv offers a mobile app. You can download it on your smartphone or PC. Using the app, you can watch video on demand and recorded content. DStv Tanzania offers a wide range of payment options. Some of them are through credit cards, bank deposits, mobile money and walk-in centres.

DSTV is owned by MultiChoice Africa, a South African company. Since its launch in 1995, it has served subscribers in Nigeria, Botswana, Gabon, Eswatini, Rwanda, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.


The eTV channel is a 24-hour television news broadcaster in Africa. It is available on DStv. This news channel is dedicated to African and South African stories, which features interesting characters. In addition, it is also known as eNews Channel Africa. Here are some more facts about this network.

ETV is a privately owned subscription-funded service. It is the fifth terrestrial television channel in South Africa. During its initial years, it devoted a lot of attention to local content. At one point, it hosted the soap opera Six Feet Under. Today, it also airs blockbuster movies like Hawaii Five-O and Empire.

ETV also operates on various mobile networks in South Africa. You can access the service via a credit card. Additionally, there are several online channels for streaming the eTV services. Some of the channels include eNews Channel Africa, eExtra, and the Craze kids block.

As part of its realignment strategy, the network discontinued the Beatlab TV channel. On 15 July 2019, e.tv introduced Turkish dramas into its primetime schedule. Other popular shows on e.tv include Empire, Hawaii Five-O, How to Get Away with Murder, and Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge.

The channel is also known for its unique style of broadcasting. For instance, it offers a music mix. Besides this, it broadcasts dramas, sitcoms, and international hits.

The network is owned by E-FM Company Limited, which is led by Francis Antony Ciza. He previously worked as a DJ on Magic FM. Currently, he holds 40% of the company. His wife Justine Antoine Ciza has another 20%. Besides, he has invested in numerous night clubs throughout the country.

Although it has its own unique style of broadcasting, the network is still known to criticize the SABC. It often argues that the SABC has an inherent bias in its news coverage.

Other tv channels

Other Tanzania TV channels cover a wide range of topics. They offer entertainment, sports, news, drama, and weather. Some are also available in English and Swahili. These channels provide a wide variety of content to suit a variety of viewers.

For a list of all Tanzania television channels, check out this website. The site lists all the top television stations in Tanzania and provides their audience share. This information is grouped by categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for. You can also view the timeline for an idea of how popular these programs are.

In terms of entertainment, "Halikuniki" is a popular show. The slapstick fights and scattershot schemes are very entertaining. Its cast includes comedian Juma Khamis.

Another popular program is "Jarida la Wanawake" in Swahili. This program features Maria Sarungi Tsehai, a Swahili culture expert.

One of the more unusual features of the "Uswazi" program is that it has high ratings. Because it is very sensitive to the concerns of its viewers, it does a better job of shedding light on poverty than many other shows.

Another fun Tanzanian TV show is "Kemea". This program is a documentary-style realism that not only highlights the grit and toughness of the locals, but it also explores the more palatable realities of life in Tanzania.

The night line is a welcome alternative to religious programming and government programming. A new addition to the Tanzanian television scene, this show has received great reviews. To watch the program, you will need a dish antenna and a satellite receiver.

DStv offers a number of popular channels in Tanzania. There are also a few free to air channels for non-subscribers to enjoy. Using mobile money, you can purchase a DStv package.

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