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Some of the Best Torrent Search Engines

Whether you're looking for new movies or music, you can find it on torrents. In fact, the most popular movies and songs on the internet are available to download on torrents. Fortunately, you can use some of the best torrent search engines to find what you're looking for.


If you want to download your favorite movies or music, then you should consider using Torrentz2. It's one of the best torrent search engines, with a huge database of more than 60 million torrents. Plus, it has a replica repository, so you won't need to use another site to get your favorite files.

Torrentz2 indexes torrents from more than 90 torrent sites, including Kickass Torrents, RARBG, and LimeTorrents. With so many torrents, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. But it's important to know that Torrentz2 has been shut down in some regions for legal reasons. Still, Torrentz2's search engine can still be used to access mirror sites, so you can continue downloading.

Another great thing about Torrentz2 is that it's very user-friendly. As a matter of fact, its homepage features a nifty rundown of some of the most common torrent terms. You can also filter your search results based on their relevance. Moreover, the site includes an ad and tracker blocker.

BitTorrent offers a lot of features, like games, books, porn, and more. You can search for your favorite videos and images as well. Despite its minimalist design, it's incredibly fast. And it's not available in India, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

In addition to BitTorrent's interface, you can also use Xtorx to search for your favorite torrents. The site is also the fastest torrent search engine, with results scanned in less than a second. However, its filtering isn't that good.

For a more simple search, you can go with BTDB. Like Torrentz2, it's a popular torrent site with a lot of users. Though the site's database may not have the latest torrents, it has a helpful overview before you start downloading.


BT4G is a fairly new torrent search engine. Its search results are based on relevance. The site has a search bar at the top of the page.

BT4G offers torrent sites in many languages. It gets most traffic from English speaking countries and the US. However, it has a lot of Chinese users.

BT4G provides free magnet torrent links. You can also download software and apps from the site. But beware of pirated content. Some countries have strict laws on illegal streaming. If you use BT4G, you may end up with a fine.

TorrentSeeker is a fast and reliable torrent search engine. It searches over 100 sites. Results are easy to read and it displays them in a user-friendly interface. Users can pick up torrents from the Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, Zooqle and other popular torrent repositories. Despite its speed, search filtering is limited. Nonetheless, it is a great choice for users who want to browse a wide variety of torrents.

TorrentDownload is another torrent search engine. This website is a good choice if you are looking for torrents from LimeTorrents. They also group torrents by category, which makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

TorrentZeta is not only a clone of Torrentz2, but it also provides country-based searches. In addition to its country-based search, it also offers sponsored entries at the top.

TorrentDownload also has a user-friendly interface. It has a search bar at the top and allows you to sort your results by language and date.

Another torrent search engine is Veoble. It offers a very fast and user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, the interface can be confusing. You can filter your results by date, language and other factors.


RARBG is a torrent search engine that has earned a great reputation among fans of the genre. The site is known for its high-quality torrents and its active community of seeders.

RARBG is one of the largest torrent directories on the internet, boasting more than 40 million visitors per month. It has a clean and functional interface, and updates its library regularly. Moreover, it provides a quick search feature, similar to that of Google.

Another benefit is that users can use the site as a guest. They can also add reviews to torrents. There is a wide variety of content to choose from, including TV shows, music, games, and movies. However, the site is not available in many countries.

One downside is that RARBG is blocked in a few countries, but it is still a good alternative. If you're looking for a safe and reliable way to download torrents, this app is worth installing on your smartphone.

The RARBG search engine offers a quick and easy way to get the information you need. You can choose from the categories listed on the home page. Also, you can filter results by languages.

Other features include an option to download torrents by category and a list of the top ten rankings for each category. Some of the popular categories include music, movies, TV shows, and books.

In addition to this, there is a custom search feature. This search tool generates results from several different sources, including Google and a variety of other torrent sites.

It is important to note that this type of search isn't always accurate. Your ISP may be blocking these types of websites for other reasons, such as technical problems. But if you use a VPN, you can avoid this problem.


Snowfl is a search engine that can be used to search for a wide variety of torrent files. It is designed with simplicity in mind. You can filter the results according to age, file size, seeders, and more. The user interface is also easy to navigate, and it comes with a Chrome extension.

Torrentzhub is a comprehensive search engine that indexes 24 million torrents. It also includes movies, games, music, and other content. To use the service, you need to sign up. This allows you to view the latest torrents.

Torrent Paradise is a simple and clean website that allows you to download torrents directly from the site. There is a prominent search bar at the top of the page. In addition to being able to filter by name, health, and other criteria, you can also choose to sort the results by relevance.

AIO Search is an all-in-one search engine that offers a large number of features. It provides results for a normal search and also for image searches. Users can also find subtitles and videos on streaming sites. They can also set up a custom Google search to generate the results.

XTORX is another torrent search engine that can help you find what you're looking for. Although it has a relatively simple interface, it's a very reliable tool. Using XTORX, you can search for thousands of results in a matter of seconds.

If you are looking for a reputable torrent search engine, you may want to give Snowfl a try. This site claims to be the fastest in the world. It's also one of the safest. Despite being a little odd, the site is fairly simple and has fewer ads than most of the others.

Solid Torrents

If you are looking for a torrent search engine that can save you time and effort, there are several options you can choose from. You'll want to look for an option with a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of content, and fast results.

Veoble is a popular torrent search engine that has over 61 million torrents indexed. It uses a combination of Google search and TorrentSeeker to provide users with fast and accurate results. The homepage offers a quick look at the most popular torrents, while the search bar allows users to find specific torrents.

TorrentSeeker is a comprehensive torrent search engine that covers more than 100 sites. Depending on your search query, it can provide you with results that include games, music, TV shows, porn, and images. While its search filtering isn't the best, it's not too bad.

Another option is Solid Torrents. This site has a tagging system, filtering options, and advanced search features. Users can also bookmark their favorite torrents and submit their own torrents.

Another good choice is iDope. This self-titled tribute to KickAssTorrents is a popular torrent search engine with a huge number of daily active users. It's also a safe and secure way to search for torrents.

Alternatively, you can try RARBG. Although it doesn't show the most-seeded torrents by default, it's still a useful torrent search engine that's simple to use.

Toorgle is another popular torrent search engine. It covers over 450 P2P sites, and allows users to sort results by relevance. It even lets you search by date.

However, you'll want to be careful. Torrent malware is easy to spot, and can lead to instant or long-term effects. Moreover, you don't want to risk being caught downloading copyrighted material.

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