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The Best Plex Plugins For Streaming Media

If you're using Plex for streaming media, there are a lot of great plugins out there that you can install on your server. These plugins let you get the most out of your Plex experience by adding useful tools to your browser. For example, a plugin called Trakt Scrobbler will let you easily sync your Plex account to your phone's calendar and contacts, while another called Organizr can help you manage your files.


Organizr is a handy application that helps you manage multiple server applications. It has a dashboard that organizes frequently used websites into tabs. Moreover, it supports iFrames.

Using Organizr, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and podcasts without a hassle. To get started, you need to download and install the application. Once it's installed, you can access Organizr from any web browser.

Organizr can also be accessed from mobile. However, you will need to log in to Organizr first. You can do this by setting up a separate account. When you sign in, you will see a First Time Setup page. Then, you can enter the information needed to configure Organizr.

Organizr is a fantastic application for home lab users. With Organizr, you can create multiple accounts and manage your media. Additionally, you can customize your dashboard.


WebTools for Plex plugins is a set of tools to help manage and organize your Plex Media Server. This includes a subtitle management system, a logging tool, and more.

With WebTools, you can install dozens of new Plex plugins. You can also host apps, and even add user-generated channels. These features will enhance your Plex experience.

If you want to watch old classics on your Plex server, try Old Movie Time. The collection of films is limited, but worth a look. It supports FullHD. Also, it offers AAC audio codec content.

If you want to keep track of a movie's progress, you can use Trackt Scivbbler. It's a Plex plugin that tracks your current playlist and tracks the progress of movies.

For live TV, you can download an IPTV plugin. It sends an Internet live TV stream to your computer. You can then watch your favorite shows or check out news channels.

Trakt Scrobbler

In the Plex world, there are hundreds of add-ons to choose from. Some are useful and some aren't. However, there are a few worthy of your time and effort. For instance, the Trakt Scrobbler is a great way to keep track of your favorite TV shows. This tool automatically scrobbles your Plex content to your Trakt account, allowing you to take full advantage of the service without having to manually add every episode.

Another interesting Plex add-on is the Plex Stats Add-on. This is a useful feature for anyone with multiple Plex servers. The add-on features a number of tools for tracking your Plex server's health. It also lets you make custom scripts that can extend the functionality of your Plex server.

Finally, the Plex app store offers a host of free non-official plugins. One of them is the Transmogrify. It is a Chrome extension that takes advantage of Plex's many features to display and recommend titles based on your preferences.


Transmogrify is a Plex plugin that works as a browser extension and adds more features to the default Plex. It includes solutions to watch trailers, find actors and titles, and more.

Plex has a built-in subtitle manager, but it's a bit outdated. With this plugin, you can download and import subtitles for any video you're watching. Sub-Zero is one of the best subtitle generators for Plex.

Another great Plex plugin is Organizr. This allows you to easily manage your server. You can configure it to display statistics, such as download speeds and content watched, and even send notifications.

Another plugin you should try is Tautulli. The plugin keeps track of your Plex content and shows you the latest updates. For example, it will tell you how many episodes of a show you've watched. It also tracks the activities of your Plex server and gives you access to server statistics.


Sub-Zero is a Plex plugin that helps you manage subtitles. You can create subtitles for movies or TV shows or manually download them. It also has customization tools.

One of the best features is that it works for any show or movie. As long as you have the subtitle file in your library, it will use it to generate a subtitle. This ensures a better quality stream with less impact on your system's CPU.

In addition, this Plex plugin lets you create custom scripts. You can also share content libraries and set custom notifications. It gives you detailed statistics on your server and the viewership of your library.

This plugin is a must-have for Plex users. It offers an easy way to manage all your plugins and add-ons. The graphical dashboard is also very useful.

Ice Films

If you're looking for a Plex plugin to watch your favorite movies, shows and other videos, consider Ice Films. It's the best Plex movie channel for Roku.

With Ice Films, you can stream videos based on release date, alphabetical order and by the most watched. You can also set up email alerts for new content.

Ice Films offers many features that you may not be aware of. For instance, you can choose the genre of the show you want to watch. The interface is designed in a user-friendly way.

It also has an easy-to-use sorting tools. When you're streaming videos, you can cast them to your Android or Chromecast.

One of the best features of IceFilms is its ability to stream TV shows. This is achieved by sourcing content from your Roku TV. These shows are then sent to your Plex server.

CBC's Plex channel

The CBC has launched a Plex channel plugin to provide its viewers with access to live sports, news, and other entertainment. Users can choose to watch the content on a desktop or laptop. Depending on the device they use, they can enjoy the content in 1080p HD video quality.

The CBC Plex channel plugin is available for download on GitHub. It offers a wide variety of live sports events, television shows, and live streams.

You can also use it to stream videos from other websites. For instance, let's say you want to watch a TED talk. Using the Webisodes plugin, you can get the content when it becomes available.

Similarly, users can subscribe to the NHL GameCenter for a full list of live hockey matches. Moreover, subscribers can watch replays on demand. They can also watch classic hockey games.

Cigaras IPTV

Cigaras IPTV is a Plex plugin that provides you with access to IPTV broadcasts. This means that you can watch your favorite channels, browse channels, control customizable channel logos, and more.

IPTV is a type of internet-based television programming that is transmitted by numerous TV networks worldwide. With a subscription, you can also access videos from YouTube and other sites. You can also get geo-restricted content, but it's best to protect yourself by using a strong VPN.

Before you can stream any content, you'll need to install the Cigaras IPTV Plex plugin. It's simple, you just need to go to the Channels section in Plex. Then, you'll need to locate the Cigaras IPTV channel.

You'll need to set up a server if you want to start streaming. There are various Plex plugins you can use to accomplish this, but I'd recommend using Tautulli.

Trackt Scrobbler

There are many Plex plugins to choose from. Some are indispensable and others are best left in the dark. While the ole' Plex Media Server may be a time consuming pain to maintain, a third party solution might be the ticket. Luckily, the Plex community is full of helpful and friendly souls. In fact, I've never met a user who wasn't willing to help out. Whether you're a Plex veteran or a newbie, you're sure to find someone who can answer your questions.

Choosing the best Plex plugin for your needs may require a bit of homework. Fortunately, the folks over at Plex have created a guide that lays out the nitty gritty in a comprehensible manner. With the help of these helpful guides, you'll be off to a good start. From there, you can pick your poison.


The Ombi plugin for Plex helps users to request content from Plex servers. When new content becomes available, the user is notified through email. It also streamlines the content request process.

Plex users can use the Ombi plugin to download movie trailers before the movies are released in theaters. Afterward, they can watch the trailers in their browser.

Ombi is a web application made by Jamie Rees. The software is able to link with multiple DVR and movie DVR tools, and also provides a web portal for users to request and report content.

For servers with lots of traffic, the Ombi plugin can be extremely helpful. Users are able to request content from their server, and the Ombi web portal will automatically match the requests with DVR apps. Once the request is fulfilled, the user will be notified through email.

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