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Watch Lebanon TV Online

If you're living in Lebanon, you might be wondering where you can watch Lebanon TV online. There are a few options that are available, but you'll have to find which one is the best for your needs.

Al Jadeed

Al Jadeed is a 24 hour Arabic-language TV station based in Beirut. It is an independent broadcaster and is not affiliated with any political party. In fact, it is one of the most watched Lebanese television stations.

A recent court case has cast a cloud over the station, with accusations of leaking of information and the likes. The court ordered the station managers to appear before it. One suspect has been arrested. However, the most important thing is that Al Jadeed has a live stream online, so you can watch it for free.

Al Jadeed is also known to be one of the most transparent television networks in the country. This is evident from the video collection. It has also garnered a reputation for uncovering corruption scandals.

Al Jadeed has been the recipient of some of the biggest media awards in the country. For instance, in the Ramadan of 2011, Al Jadeed was the first television network to win the best TV station award.

Another big win was the television station's recent acquittal by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a UN-mandated tribunal. Khayat was indicted on contempt charges, but was spared a possible 7 years in jail.

Although this is not a complete list, the above mentioned list certainly encapsulates the top contenders for the award of being the best Lebanese TV channel. They are:

The most popular Lebanese TV channel is the one based in Beirut, which is also known as Al Jadeed. If you are looking for the latest news, sport, entertainment or music shows, you will find them here.

There is no denying that the Arab TV channel has been able to cover a lot of ground in the past few years. By adopting a variety of programs, the channel has been able to deliver comprehensive coverage of regional and local events. Moreover, it has also been able to produce targeted political programs.


Al-Manar TV is a Lebanese station that has been in operation since 1991. It broadcasts from Beirut, Lebanon. The station is fully owned by the Iranian-backed Hizbullah organization.

Al-Manar broadcasts both terrestrial and satellite news. Its coverage is particularly strong on Palestine and Iraq. Although the station's rhetoric is extreme, it also airs many positive points.

As part of the Lebanese Communication Group L.C.G SAL, it is led by high-ranking Hezbollah officials. Its board of directors includes two former MPs.

Originally, Al-Manar's coverage focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But in 2006, the US department of treasury labeled it as the media arm of Hezbollah.

Although al-Manar has been banned by several countries, it continues to broadcast. However, it is not available in Australia and Canada. In fact, it is even banned in Germany and Spain.

Al-Manar was a victim of the Israeli Air Force attacks on July 2006. Three employees of the station were injured. Despite the attacks, the network stayed on the air.

The station broadcasts a variety of programming, including family programs, game shows, sports, and religious programs. In addition, it reports terrorist actions against people in Iraq and other areas.

During Ramadan, the station broadcasts more religious programming. Its program hosts include women, who wear hijabs.

There are a number of advertisements for various products and services. These ads are targeted at local stores and retail outlets. Some manufacturing companies advertise cleaning detergents, air conditioning products, and European food products.

Al-Manar is a member of the Lebanese Communication Group and is owned by the Iranian-backed Hizbullah movement. As a result, it is viewed as a terrorist organization. Nonetheless, it is a very good source of news in the Arab world.


OUi9MOBI RADIO & TV is a Music & Audio app. It's an official application made by the Android developer, Oui9Mobi. The apk is available in versions 2.1 and 2.4, both of which have a 4 star rating on the Google Playstore.

OUi9MOBI RADIO is available on PC, iOS and Android. The apk is also free to download. However, you will need to have at least 7.9 MB of free space. Once the apk is downloaded, you'll have to install it using an Android App Player or Bluestacks.

The OUi9MOBI RADIO was released in May of 2018. It's a music and audio application that runs on Windows, Mac, and iOS. It's a free app with a 4-star rating.

The apk is also a great way to listen to music and watch TV on your computer. The apk is compatible with Android 4.0 and up, and is one of the best Music & Audio apps on the Google Playstore.

OUi9MOBI is not the only Android app that is related to the same category. For instance, there is WORLD TV, which is a multicast channel based in Lebanon. This includes programs such as Al Jadeed and MTV Lebanon. Also, there is the PUBG game, which is an online multiplayer shooter game.

Other interesting applications on the OUi9MOBI RADIO include LBCI TV and Al Jadeed. These are a couple of the most popular apps on the site. But there are many more.

Of course, you could use the OUi9MOBI RADIO to watch MTV. This is also a free application that supports multiple languages. To learn more about the apk, check out our user's reviews. You can also visit the GitHub page for the apk.


If you are looking to watch Lebanon TV World, you can do so through different streaming platforms. Some of the platforms include BBC Sport and BT Sports. However, not all of these platforms are available in every country. You can also use a VPN, which is a virtual private network that connects you to a server in the country you are in. This allows you to watch sports online without the fear of getting hacked.

The news agenda in Lebanon is largely influenced by the affiliations of the various TV stations. Several of the TV stations are affiliated with political parties. There are also stations that are associated with different factions in the country.

One of the most popular channels is LBC, which is owned by the businessman Pierre Daher. In the mid-1980s, LBC was the most watched station in the entire Middle East. It also targeted the Lebanese diaspora. Eventually, other financiers entered the field as well.

Another popular channel is Al Manar Tv. This station is a satellite television station, and it is associated with Hezbollah. They offer high-quality news and entertainment. It has a populist approach, and the government has had problems with the station in the past.

The National Broadcasting Network, which is run by the government, reaches the Lebanese Shiite diaspora. Founded by Nabih Berri, the speaker of the parliament, the station broadcasts pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian news.

Another popular channel is Al-Jadid. It is one of the fastest growing local TV stations in the country. Despite its recent struggles, the station has expanded its audience.

Finally, there are many streaming services for live sports. These include BT Sports, ITV and BBC Sport. However, you should always check the licensing policies of these platforms, as they may restrict you from viewing the content in certain countries.


MTV in Lebanon has been around for a while now. Originally established as the fourth power, it was illegally closed in 2002. But, in 2009, it was reborn. Today, it serves the well-being of the region and its shareholders with a professional outlook and an innovative new set.

MTV in Lebanon has been producing local programming. Besides news bulletins, it also offers a free online video on demand service. Aside from this, the station offers old programs as well as new ones. Its push notification system is among the best. Moreover, the station is available to US and Australian viewers.

Its flagship show, Al Hayba, has been widely successful. During the course of the season, the series was adapted into 34 languages. This year, Cedars Art Productions released five 30-episode productions, a few of which are available on MBC platforms.

MTV in Lebanon has also been recognized for its other achievements. For example, its website launched a free mobile application to deliver local content on the go. The station's website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. And, its latest product, the Shashatcom on-demand video platform, delivers a variety of entertaining content, including Ramadan shows.

MTV is a modern TV station, but it hasn't forgotten its past. While it still produces local programming, it has a broader range of content aimed at a more general audience. From music videos to news to sports, MTV is more than a channel. Currently, the station broadcasts to US, Australia, Canada, and Lebanon.

With a large base of support and the best mobile app in the market, MTV in Lebanon has been able to overcome the hardships of the past. Now, the station is ready for its bright future.

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