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HMA VPN Review 2023: What You Need to Watch Out For!

HMA VPN is a very good VPN service, and it is also one of the cheapest ones available. But is it worth it? Is it easy to use, and does it have great features? This is what this article will look into.

No-logs policy

HMA VPN has a no-logs policy. It also has a kill switch. A kill switch is a feature that enables the internet connection to stop when the VPN is disconnected. This keeps your privacy safe.

While many other VPN services store your IP address and other private data, HMA doesn't. Instead, it collects minimal information, including connection timestamps and a small portion of your IP address. The data is used to ensure the service operates efficiently, but it's not used to identify you.

Using a VPN with a no-logs policy is a good way to keep your privacy protected. In fact, it's a common practice among the most secure VPNs. For example, TunnelBear and ProtonVPN have no-logs policies that are transparent and reliable. But while other companies use these features, only HMA's no-logs policy has been independently audited.

If you're looking for a no-logs VPN, HMA's 256-bit encryption will protect your data. Plus, it supports OpenVPN-UDP and PPTP. Whether you're on Windows, Android, or iOS, you'll be able to connect to servers in over 210 countries.

In addition to a no-logs policy, HMA offers a kill switch that blocks your internet access if the VPN is disconnected. However, the kill switch isn't activated by default.

When you connect to HMA's virtual servers, your IP address and other information is only collected for the duration of your session. HMA does not store any other data, such as the IP of your original ISP or the sites you visit.

Despite the fact that the no-logs policy is fairly transparent, HMA has had some issues with privacy in the past. At one point, LulzSec was able to use the service to carry out a cyber attack. As a result, HMA changed its privacy policy.

Speed test function

If you're looking for a VPN to give you complete online anonymity, HMA may be the right option for you. Its features are comprehensive and its compatibility with different devices is excellent. In fact, HMA supports up to five or ten devices at once.

As a company that operates an enormous network of servers, HideMyAss is well equipped to provide users with the security and privacy they deserve. This includes a kill switch that will shut off internet access if the VPN connection is disconnected.

If you're not sure how to use the service, you can check out the knowledge base. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support. They're available via live chat or ticket support.

The speed test function of HMA allows users to compare virtual servers based on proximity. However, this function does not always work properly.

Another feature of HMA is its automatic IP address refresh. It automatically updates your IP address every 10 minutes. You can also set the interval to daily or minute.

The application offers native apps for Mac, Windows, and Android. Additionally, it's compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple TV.

Depending on your specific needs, HMA offers a variety of plans. These range from a month-to-month plan to a two-year subscription. There's also a Family Plan that supports up to ten device connections.

HMA's website is clean and straightforward, with a large power button, a search bar, and a shortcut to all of its most important features. Aside from the homepage, the site includes a forum and a knowledge base.

The site's "more" tab is where you'll find shortcuts to the Kill Switch, the speed test, and the apps that are compatible with HMA.

Kill switch

If you use a VPN service, you probably know about the kill switch. It's a handy feature that protects you from IP leaks when your VPN connection drops.

The kill switch works by stopping the data that is sent to a server without a VPN. To enable the Kill-Switch, you need to select a checkbox within the VPN program. Once you have enabled the feature, you can choose if it will be automatically activated or not.

In addition to the kill switch, HMA VPN also offers the IP shuffle feature. This is available on Windows, iOS and macOS and changes your IP at preset intervals. As a result, it provides more privacy and security.

On the home screen of the HMA VPN desktop app, you'll find a tab labelled "more." Here, you'll find a shortcut to the kill switch, a list of HMA's 290+ servers, and a screenshot of your current download and upload speeds.

There's also a speed test. HMA VPN's desktop apps are designed to mimic the Android and iOS versions. They're optimized for privacy and security with 256-bit AES encryption and a no-logs policy. You can also set up split-tunneling, which allows you to choose which applications to use with your VPN.

The HMA VPN's website is easy to navigate, and it shows you the locations of its virtual servers. When you're logged into the program, you can use the heart icon to check whether you're connected to the server you want.

HMA's no-logs policy means you're not tracked by law enforcement or hackers. And the servers are protected by 256-bit encryption. Plus, you can test your network speed, so you'll know if you're on a fast or slow network.

Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

HMA VPN offers both desktop and mobile apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. These apps are easy to use and provide a modern, sleek design. You will find a number of features in each of them. But it would be great to see more unification among the apps. In addition, it would be beneficial to have more tunneling protocols.

Upon opening the app, you will be greeted with a list of suggested streaming servers. To choose the best server, you can filter the locations by country or type. You can also save your favorite servers as favorites. The app includes a speed test feature to determine the fastest server. This will allow you to choose which location provides the best download and upload speeds.

Once you select a server, the app opens and offers a quick guide on how to connect to that server. A Settings dialog then appears, allowing you to configure the connection and other settings. You can choose a username, password, and auto-connect options.

Alternatively, you can set the app to launch automatically on startup. Then, you can choose which apps you want to go through the VPN.

Another feature is IP shuffle, which allows you to change your IP address when you need to. This is great for sites that block VPNs.

The app's design is also similar to the desktop version. It includes an animated donkey mascot. While this feature is useful, it is also important to note that the donkey changes appearance depending on what user mode you're in.

Another great feature is the kill switch. With the kill switch, the Internet connection is immediately shut down if the VPN is disconnected. That way, your safety is assured.

IP checker

If you want to be a bit more secure while browsing the web or streaming video online, you should consider using a VPN. HMA is a solid choice. It offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for beginners, as well as advanced users.

HMA has a wide selection of servers, and they are distributed across 290 locations in 210 countries. They are also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The company's website is clean and user-friendly. HMA also has a helpful community forum. You can post your questions and get responses within hours.

Using a VPN to bypass censorship can protect your privacy from spies and hackers. With a good VPN, you will have the option to choose from various regions and virtual servers. This will help you get the best connection for your particular needs.

The HMA app is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. While it doesn't have the most comprehensive features, it does include the important stuff.

For instance, there are several toggles for commonly used settings. Also, there is a location picker that allows you to filter locations by continent.

HMA's website also boasts a speed test. Their main page includes shortcuts to key features and information about their network.

The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. But, beware, if you choose to purchase a plan, you will have to pay in advance.

If you're just looking for a simple, affordable VPN, HMA is a safe bet. However, if you need advanced features, such as split tunneling, you may have to look elsewhere.

HMA's no-logs policy is commendable, and its GDPR-compliant privacy policy is transparent. In addition, it has a free trial offer.

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