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TigerVPN Review 2023: Beyond the Flashy Commercials - Our Verdict

TigerVPN is a top-notch service that allows you to access the Internet without being spied on. It offers you 256-bit encryption, kill switch, fast downloads and uploads, and long-term subscription plans. All these things make it a top choice for any type of Internet user.

Fast uploads and downloads

Download and upload speed is a critical component of internet usage. Many activities on the web, such as streaming videos, downloading files, or sending emails, require fast speeds. A slow speed can cause buffering, make images fail to download, and slow the overall experience of browsing the web. The speed you get depends on the provider and your location.

TigerVPN provides ultra-fast upload and download speed. This allows you to stream high-definition content and other multimedia online. You can also use it for torrenting and unblocking regionally-blocked websites.

While the company emphasizes speed, it doesn't sacrifice security. Its encryption is industry-standard 256-bit. Plus, TigerVPN uses MaxMind to protect against payment abuse. Moreover, its servers are located in 42 countries.

You can use TigerVPN on up to five devices at the same time. And if you need more bandwidth, TigerVPN automatically allocates more.

TigerVPN's website has a very down-to-earth tone. But it doesn't offer much information. Fortunately, there are manual configuration guides and a chat option.

TigerVPN has a three-day free trial. However, you need to register and enter your payment details. If you're not satisfied with the service, you can take advantage of a seven-day money-back guarantee.

TigerVPN also offers a karma rewards program. You can earn points for every task you complete. Those points can be exchanged for freebies.

In addition, TigerVPN is socially conscious. The company donates 2% of its profits to animal charities and sterilization programs. Moreover, it supports freedom of speech in China.

TigerVPN provides secure VPN connections that keep sensitive data off public networks. Additionally, the company doesn't outsource its core operations. Also, it has a strong no-logging policy.

TigerVPN also features a "Meshed IPs" feature for enhanced privacy. Meanwhile, it keeps a close eye on its performance for consistent speed.

256-bit encryption

TigerVPN 256-bit encryption is one of the best encryption methods in the market. It offers lifetime online privacy and super-strong encryption. The service is available at an affordable price.

TigerVPN 256-bit encryption is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. Users can choose from three subscription plans, which differ in features and duration.

TigerVPN is a VPN provider that enables users to access websites that are geo-restricted. They also offer a hardware firewall to protect customers from hackers.

TigerVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and NAT firewall. It has 15 servers located around the world. They are strategically placed to minimize lag.

TigerVPN does not store customer data, though it keeps some logs. These logs lean toward harmless.

TigerVPN offers a loyalty program that lets users earn karma points. These points are redeemable for services. If a customer gets a subpoena or other legal action, TigerVPN will consult lawyers.

Unlike other VPNs, TigerVPN does not log web browsing activity. But it does allow customers to view their network status at any time. You can choose the fastest route to your destination.

TigerVPN offers a 3-day money back guarantee. The company has a knowledge base with instructions on how to configure different protocols. And the apps are bug-free. However, a few other features are missing.

TigerVPN does not support Perfect Forward Secrecy. Although, it does offer DNS leak protection. In addition, the company uses SHA256 authentication and 2048-bit RSA keys.

TigerVPN is an easy-to-use VPN that hides your identity and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find it easy to navigate the system.

However, if security is your primary concern, you may want to consider other VPNs. Speedify, for example, provides IPv6 leak protection and a Kill Switch. LiquidVPN, on the other hand, has a smart DNS proxy service, and it records zero traffic logs.

Kill Switch

TigerVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market. It is designed for the Windows platform. In addition to that, it comes with a good number of security features, including DNS leak protection. However, it lacks a few essential features, such as a kill switch.

The most basic function of a kill switch is to keep your IP address from being exposed. That's because a kill switch is designed to prevent an entire device from connecting to the Internet when the VPN connection is lost.

A VPN kill switch is usually active by default. This feature monitors your IP address and automatically shuts down your internet access if it detects a change. As you can imagine, that makes it difficult to use the Web without a VPN.

However, a kill switch isn't the only reason to use a VPN. Choosing the best one depends on a combination of usability and security.

While you can use a kill switch with some apps, you may not want to. For instance, you might not want to be able to access your torrent client if you're using a VPN. With this in mind, you could choose to tell your VPN to shut down your torrent client if it loses connectivity.

Another option is to use split-tunneling. This allows you to configure individual applications to use the VPN connection while leaving the rest of your system alone. Once the VPN connection is restored, the app will resume its normal function.

However, while TigerVPN provides the best speeds available, it doesn't have the bare minimum in terms of security. It doesn't support IPv6, and it doesn't provide easy access to protocols.

Long-term subscription plans

TigerVPN is an affordable VPN service. In fact, you can sign up for a 2-year subscription plan for just $1.99 a month. You can also get a lifetime service for $29. This is an incredible deal.

TigerVPN has an excellent user experience. They offer both a desktop and mobile client. The desktop version has easy-to-use menus. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS.

TigerVPN keeps an active, in-house team for its service. Customers are rewarded for writing positive reviews on select websites. They can also earn free connections by redeeming their Karma Points.

TigerVPN offers a wide range of payment methods. Users can choose to pay with credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

In addition to its premium bandwidth, TigerVPN also has an in-house DNS server. This prevents ISPs from tracking DNS requests. Also, they have a no-logging policy.

Another useful feature is the lookup tool. It allows users to find out which networks are blocked in their area. As a result, you can use TigerVPN to unblock regionally blocked sites, like Netflix.

TigerVPN operates 300 servers in over 42 countries. The company's headquarters is in Bratislava, Slovakia. Although the country has "free" Freedom House ratings, it does not have an extensive legal framework for private websites.

TigerVPN has a no-logging policy. In addition, they do not collect personally identifiable information. All of their data is encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit encryption. And they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, the website is not very easy to navigate. There aren't many details online, and the company doesn't have a FAQ page. That means that if you have questions, you have to contact customer support.

Despite its flaws, TigerVPN is a good choice. While they lack servers in South America, they do cover a good deal of the world, and they have a solid set of features.

Customer support

TigerVPN is a VPN service that offers a solid set of features and security. Its customer support is top-notch. However, the company is not without flaws.

The company is not a fan of torrenting. While the technology is certainly legal, it is often seen as a security risk. As such, TigerVPN lacks a dedicated server for P2P file sharing.

While there are a variety of encryption technologies on offer, TigerVPN does not support Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). This is a major disadvantage in terms of privacy.

Although the service offers decent encryption, it does not provide a kill switch or other safety measures to protect user data. Moreover, the company has not undergone any sort of privacy audit.

As is often the case with these kinds of services, the price tag is high. Also, the customer support is only offered during weekdays. In addition, there is no option to change protocols within the Windows app.

TigerVPN has over 300 servers in 42 countries. They are located in popular cities in Asia and North America. Nonetheless, there are not many special features.

On the other hand, the company has a pretty extensive knowledge database with instructions on how to configure different protocols. Additionally, the company offers Email Ticketing.

TigerVPN also offers a seven-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately, it is difficult to receive a refund. If you wish to recoup your investment, you will have to contact the company's customer support via email.

TigerVPN uses a hardware firewall to protect its users from unwanted inbound traffic. Despite this, the company does not have the best speeds in the business. That said, it does offer unlimited bandwidth.

Finally, it does have an impressive list of servers. Nevertheless, its user interface is a bit cumbersome.

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