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Turbo VPN Review 2023: Servers, Speed, Service, Prices - The Truth!

Turbo VPN is a VPN service that offers fast, reliable, and secure connections. The service is suitable for both iOS and Android devices, and it provides privacy and security protection to users. However, there are some drawbacks to this VPN service, such as poor performance, low customer support, and adware.

Fast and reliable

Turbo VPN is one of the most popular Android VPN apps. It offers a fast and secure connection, as well as specialized streaming servers for Netflix and other streaming services. The app is also compatible with iOS and Mac.

While Turbo VPN is a great choice for casual users, power users will probably want to consider a more robust VPN service. This is because, although the free version does offer fast and secure connection, it does not include many of the features of more expensive VPNs.

With a paid subscription, you'll enjoy faster and more stable connections on mobile devices. Plus, you'll be able to access up to five devices at once. However, the speeds are dependent on how much traffic you use. If you're planning to watch Netflix, for instance, it's worth grabbing the VIP plan.

Aside from a fast connection, Turbo VPN has other features, including specialized streaming servers and no-ads (ad-free) service. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Turbo VPN is also known for its ability to unblock content blocked in certain countries. Some websites are banned in every country, but if you have a VPN, you can get around those restrictions.

Turbo VPN also includes a kill switch, a feature that automatically terminates a connection if a device becomes infected with malware. Considering how important it is to have a solid VPN, it's not surprising that TurboVPN has included this feature.

Turbo VPN is an easy-to-use app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can easily choose your country of choice, and then connect to a server. There are also options for Wi-Fi protection, as well as a search button.


Adware is a form of software that is designed to pop advertisements into the user's browser. It is often used for marketing purposes, but can also serve as a form of malware.

Generally, adware programs install themselves without the user's knowledge. They usually target mobile devices, PCs, and businesses. The goal is to gather information about the user and then redirect them to other websites. Some programs offer a free service in exchange for showing ads.

Adware programs can be installed directly onto the computer or through other programs. These programs can change the home page of the browser or a search engine. Other adware functions analyze the user's location, and then present advertising that is relevant to the person's activity.

While adware is not always harmful, it can be a major nuisance. Adware can lead you to dubious weight loss programs, websites that extort personal information, or promotional websites. In some cases, adware can even hijack the homepage of your browser and redirect you to a shady website.

A popular method of distributing adware is by using botnets. These networks work by sending thousands of requests for advertisements to various servers. There are also adware-based applications that are specifically designed to be installed on certain operating systems.

Another common distribution mechanism is peer-to-peer sites. These sites are generally clones of popular services. Many users are unaware of the fact that these sites can install adware on their PCs.

Regardless of the distribution method, adware is a very common form of malware. It has been found to affect millions of users. If you suspect that you have adware, it is advisable to remove the program.

Privacy policy

Turbo VPN has a pretty lousy privacy policy. It collects lots of data, but it doesn't give you much information about it.

The website doesn't give much away, and there's no live chat. However, it does have a FAQ page, a search button, and a few options for Wi-Fi protection.

There's also a link to a FAQ page, which explains the process for setting up the free VPN. But what does that actually mean?

It means that you will be using the company's free service. While the company claims it has no logs, it also doesn't tell you what types of data it collects or where it's stored. And, in addition to that, it doesn't offer you any protection against malware.

The company uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, which are both open-source. Both of these use AES256-bit encryption. This is the same standard used by military and government agencies around the world.

Some of the other features of Turbo VPN are that it offers a kill switch, encrypted DNS, and special servers for streaming services. You can even set it to launch on your Windows startup. These features all come with a cost: your privacy.

It's possible that the Turbo VPN privacy policy isn't as bad as it sounds. In fact, it's possible the company doesn't collect any personal data at all. But the company does share some data with third-party advertising partners.

That's a good thing, because if they do, you could be at risk of tracking. Also, the company has links to China, which is known for its intrusive surveillance. If the Chinese government knows you're using Turbo VPN, they can see what you're doing online.

Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Turbo VPN is an Android and iOS app that allows you to browse the web securely. It supports OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption. The Turbo VPN interface is simple and straightforward, and has an easily navigable dashboard that includes a search button and settings cog. You can also select a server based on where you are.

Turbo VPN has a free version that provides a few basic features. If you are looking for more secure browsing, you may want to consider a premium plan.

Although the free version is limited to five simultaneous connections, you can still get better speeds. There are no ads and you can use your device with no restrictions. In addition, you can connect to servers in any country.

For those on a tight budget, the free version of Turbo VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you need to cancel the trial to avoid getting charged automatically.

On top of that, the Android version only supports split tunneling. This allows you to have two VPN connections at once. Alternatively, you can choose to disable split tunneling and connect to an external server.

Luckily, the Android version of the Turbo VPN app has an advanced feature that you can't get on the iOS version. That feature is the kill switch.

Even though Turbo VPN's kill switch is a great feature, the company markets it poorly. They claim it protects against leaks. However, the company's website doesn't say how the kill switch works.

Turbo VPN's privacy policy is also questionable. In addition, the company has been linked to the Chinese government. The government has a long history of snooping on its citizens and internet users.

Poor performance and poor customer support

When deciding which VPN service to use, you'll want to consider performance and customer support. If you're not confident that your VPN will provide the privacy and security you need, it's probably a good idea to find another one.

Turbo VPN is a free service that offers users the option of using a VPN to unblock content. Its free plan is popular with mobile users and provides unlimited data. But, its logging policy is questionable, and it lacks the kill switch that many other VPN services offer.

Although Turbo VPN is based in Singapore, its website doesn't provide much information about itself. The company has an uncertain logging policy and no live chat support. This lack of transparency doesn't necessarily inspire confidence.

In addition to its slow connection speed, Turbo VPN has a number of other weaknesses. It lacks a kill switch and DNS leak protection. Also, its server locations are limited. For MacOS and iOS, users only have a few server options.

While Turbo VPN does not take personal information, it does allow advertisers to insert cookies into their browsers. These cookies may be used by the advertiser to track users' online activity.

In addition, while TurboVPN claims that it does not keep logs, it does share data with the 14-Eye Surveillance Alliance. Considering the fact that this alliance is made up of governments that have a history of spying on their citizens, this can be a concern.

The Turbo VPN site also doesn't have much in the way of contact information. It has a handy FAQ page, but this doesn't explain how to unlock content or how to connect to VPN servers.

In addition, the company's adware may be a problem for some users. There have been reports of malware issues and other problems with the adware.

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