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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Vs NordVPN 2023: Which VPN is Right for Your Needs?

There are a lot of VPN providers available, but if you are looking to make a decision, it can be a tricky one. You'll have to consider things such as how fast your connection is, what security features you'll need, and whether you'll have an easy time navigating the user interface. Fortunately, this article will help you make a wise choice.


NordVPN and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited are two of the best VPN providers in the market. But which one is better for your needs?

The choice between these VPN providers depends on your specific preferences and your budget. Both offer a good amount of encryption, high speeds, and a variety of security features. However, if you're looking for a VPN that offers the most privacy, you're probably going to want to choose NordVPN.

For instance, NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can try the service for a few months without risking your money. And they also have a number of servers, including over 5,400 in the U.S. and over 1,800 in other locations. You can use OpenVPN or IKEv2 with them, too.

KeepSolid VPN is a US-based VPN provider. Its website claims to have over 20 million users.

It has a lot of features, but its pricing plans are quite reasonable. They also offer a 7-day free trial. If you're just trying out a VPN, it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular options out there.

It has more than 500 servers in more than 56 different countries, which is impressive. Plus, it is compatible with many major platforms. This makes it possible to access a wide range of online services without having to worry about any problems.

NordVPN has a clean, professional interface and a vast number of server locations. You can even select a server based on whether you're looking for an optimized streaming experience.

KeepSolid's Wise protocol is a stealth VPN that works similar to regular OpenVPN. You'll have to download a separate client, though. On the plus side, the KeepSolid Wise app is designed to work on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


If you're looking for the best VPN for your buck, you've come to the right place. Keepsolid VPN is a US-based provider with an impressive 5,400 servers. In addition to security features such as a kill switch and dedicated IP addresses, you'll get a decent speed boost thanks to its VPN tunneling protocols.

In addition to IKEv2, KeepSolid has a dedicated in-house protocol called Wise that ostensibly functions as a stealth VPN. While it may not be the most secure way to hide your online presence, it's certainly the best of the lot. It's also the only one we found that boasts an eye-popping 80 percent reduction in upload speeds.

The company's Mac client is a well-designed affair. Not only does it support the latest in hardware and software, it also comes with a promise to add a kill switch in the not too distant future. Likewise, its Android version is a bit more limited. However, its iOS client fares just as well.

Among other things, the company has a no-log policy. Additionally, it offers CyberSec, a feature aimed at detecting malicious sites and blocking ads. With a subscription, you can enjoy all the perks of a top-notch VPN, including access to more than 5,400 VPN servers in over 60 countries. That's a lot of servers for such a small company.

Finally, the company's homage to the aforementioned sexiest vpn is impressive. Besides offering top-of-the-line encryption and security features, it's also the only one we tested to offer a kill-switch, a rarity in the world of VPNs. Aside from the aforementioned, KeepSolid offers a robust range of other services, from a solid malware blocker to a comprehensive user office suite.

Logging policy

If you are in the market for a VPN, you'll want to make sure the provider you choose does not snoop on your activity. While some providers may have a great no-logs policy, others may not.

The best no-logs VPNs are the ones that have been vetted by experts and independent practitioners. You can find out which ones you qualify for by examining their logging policies, their security features, and their download speeds.

Aside from privacy, you also need to consider whether you can use your favorite payment method. Many providers allow for PayPal, credit cards, and other popular forms of payment. Some may keep logs of websites you visit, your bandwidth usage, and time spent connected to the VPN. Others may simply rely on cookies to collect data about your use of the service.

A provider's logging policy will set the tone for your interactions with the company. Several of these companies are known for their transparency and have even rolled out privacy policies of their own. For example, NordVPN guarantees a strict no-logs policy.

One of the perks of using a no-logs provider is that your data isn't tracked, although the name of the game is making money. However, it's still important to know what type of data you'll be sharing, as this information can be used to trace you if you fall prey to a phishing scam.

A good no-logs VPN will also feature a few other goodies. These may include access to all major cryptocurrencies, including ethereum, monero, and dogecoin. Furthermore, many no-logs VPNs support nank transfers and accept payments via PayPal and other popular payment methods. Lastly, a no-logs provider should be able to provide a no-fee trial version of their service to give you a taste of what they're all about.


KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a well-known provider of VPN services. It offers 500+ servers in 56 countries. However, this VPN service is also part of the 5 Eyes Alliance. Some people believe this is a violation of citizens' privacy. Those who prefer privacy over speed may want to look elsewhere.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is one of the most inexpensive options for a VPN. You can choose from six payment plans, each with different price points. But it lacks some key security features, such as kill switches. So how does it compare to NordVPN?

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is based in the US. That means you have to share some of your data with the authorities. However, it also collects data from third parties. Moreover, it links all of your data to your session.

NordVPN is known for its blazing speeds. Users can enjoy speeds of up to 99Mbps. The company owns thousands of high-performance servers in 60+ countries, and it is capable of supporting online gaming, high-definition online streaming, and torrenting. In addition, it provides advanced security features and troubleshooting articles.

While VPN service providers can vary greatly, both NordVPN and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited have a lot to offer. If you are looking for a VPN, both of these VPNs provide great value for the money.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited encrypts your Internet traffic with AES-256 technology. This helps secure your personal information and avoid unauthorized access. Additionally, it uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is a robust security option.

VPN Unlimited has an overall score of 8.0, while NordVPN scores 9.6. Although both companies have a wide range of servers, they both have some shortcomings.

User interface

The user interface of KeepSolid Lite, or as it is known by its brethren the ksuites, is a tad bland compared to the likes of the former. The only caveat is that you are restricted to one server at a time. This can be remedied by purchasing a prepaid subscription or opting for the one-time payment option. It is also worth noting that KeepSolid Lite is a good value for the money and the service is available for a variety of devices including Windows and Mac OSX.

The aforementioned gizmo does a solid job of showcasing the most important information at the fpr. While this may not be the most convenient method of communication, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. The aforementioned esoteric name is a worthy competitor in the VPN space. For instance, you can use it to encrypt all the sensitive information you transmit on your phone, tablet or laptop. In addition to the aforementioned perks, you can enjoy blazing-fast speeds and the best streaming experiences of your life. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can opt for a three-day trial period. As for the service, you can get in touch with the customer support team via email, telephone or the live chat feature found in the app itself.

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